Tired of your home or just tired of your space?

When you start to grow tired of your home you might start to look at the housing market for a change. You might love where you live, but know you can’t afford the space you need in the same area. You might assess your house and decide it “doesn’t work for you” but think moving is the only option.

Perhaps you have done your sums, and by the time you add in stamp duty, selling fees, buying fees and other costs associated with moving you know it isn’t financially viable, and you feel stuck!

Amid the backdrop of ongoing political uncertainty and stretched affordability, more property owners than ever are choosing to stay exactly where they are and instead of moving, more of us are taking on the challenge of a home renovation project.

Whether you want to add an extension or you fancy open plan living, but are worried about taking down walls & the mess I can help.  

Home renovations aren’t hugely expensive, but neither are they a cheap, off-the-cuff decision. Here are some quick tips to starting the ball rolling to making your home your dream home.

Speak to an Architect

We genuinely love helping people realise the space they want. Give us a shout, and book in an initial design consultation.

We will come visit, discuss what you are looking for, work through what you are thinking, probably fire some ideas about and then discuss a plan!

Think Long-Term 

You may be itching to make a particular change to your home, but you should extend your thinking to consider the long-term benefits of long-lasting renovations that’ll increase the value of your home when you come to sell.

Getting value for money is an important step in your renovating agenda – especially as you’ll see the return on your investment peak that bit higher when you eventually sell your renovated home.